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Theatre Review: Secrets - The Musical

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Epstein Theatre
Written By: Seán Fitzsimmons

Format: Musical
Genre: Comedy
Date: May 12 2017
Location: Epstein Theatre, Liverpool, England

Set in Liverpool in 2017, Mersey Entertainment Agency is faced with a double-edged sword. The request to organise a show for a millionaire's birthday party is as exciting a prospect, as it is fraught with danger.

As owner of the Agency, Larry (John McGrellis) continues to be at the mercy of 'Metal Mick' (Danny Taylor), and he is caught between his threats and the objections of Liz (Nicole Barber-Lane). Will he choose to yield to fear or loyalty?

The arrival of an American journalist (Izzi Field) stirs things up and soon her questions are stirring hearts, as well as painful memories.

There are many secrets to be unearthed in this musical-come-comedy and while some of the humour is panto-esque and goofy, the show is very much a lot of slap-dash banter and manic dancing.

Izzi Field's vocals are worth a mention and at times her notes are melodic and crisp. Her solo pieces are much better delivered than the duets, but nonetheless there is much sincerity to be seen in all songs. Sadly, the combination of finding it difficult to hear the lyrics and the nervous on-stage chemistry, made some scenes hard to watch.

While this show may not necessarily be hailed as worthy of five stars (or even three), there is always something endearing about grassroots performances and for the younger cast members, their energy and enthusiasm must be considered.

With some awkward set transitions and quirky attempts at funniness, this show may not be everyone's cup of tea. The show at times gave the impression of a dress rehearsal that wasn't really being taken seriously.

Secrets isn't necessarily trying to be something it isn't, and maybe that in itself is a message it does well to deliver.

Overall Rating: 6/10 - Reasonable

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